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Sober Youth Inc. is about impact and results! We realize that in any successful and sustainable campaign or program you must be able to measure its effeteness. Our measuring tool is simply by the number of youth that makes a commitment (takes the pledge) to refrain from underage drinking and drug use, including steroids and Tobacco products.  As an organization we are committed to building a sustainable program, with collaborative efforts with other agencies organizations and institutions, that not only share our passion but also share our commitment to eradicate underage drinking and drug use. As youth make their pledges, we are able to track their progress and make calculations using several means. The most common are through social media using the hash tag and the name of the campaign. We also will gather commitments in person either at an event or at a SYADP Class. The following are ways for you the make a commitment (Pledge).

  • Upload a video to one of our social media pages.
  • Attend a Sober Youth community event.
  • Complete a three-day SYADP Class.

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