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Sober Youth Inc. Three-day Youth Alcohol & Drug Prevention Class (YADP-Class) is a three day, three hour per day curriculum. The curriculum developers consist of professional with backgrounds in education law enforcement family counseling sociology and media relations. Our primary objective is to help our young people develop necessary skills needed to make wise decision concerning alcohol drugs and tobacco. Upon completion students will be more knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Legal drinking age in each state and drug laws.
  • Sexual crimes associated with alcohol and drug use (date rape).
  • Health risk both physically and mentally associated with early alcohol and drug use.
  • Media literacy – the manipulation of impressionable mind to sale tobacco and alcohol.
  • Dealing with life and family stresses and pressures sober minded.
  • The impact of alcohol and drugs on career opportunities.
  • Self esteem and peer pressure.

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