Sobriety A Necessity for Teen Athletes

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Source: – Thomas Lawrence ( on Thu, 2015-10-10 20:32

Dwayne McAfee knows it’s an uphill battle.

McAfee, who co-runs the Sober Youth nonprofit organization, seeking to keep underage student-athletes away from alcohol and drugs, points to any college football or NFL broadcast.
It’s an endless parade of beer commercials.

And after watching his kids go to Chavez High School, and witnessing their peers use and abuse tobacco, alcohol and drugs, it doesn’t sit right.

“We want to try and help to rectify the situation,” said McAfee, who moved to Stockton via marriage, and now lives in Texas. “We’re trying to see if we can maybe bring a solution. We just felt the need to be a counter-campaign, just painting a different picture.”

With the help of Tyronne Gross, a Stockton native, Lincoln High graduate and former San Diego Chargers running back, Sober Youth is bringing those ideas to Stockton and across the nation.

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