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The solution to reduce underage drinking and drug use is simple, “early childhood prevention!” Study shows that youth around middle school age (12-13) are at the most impressionable time in their lives. This is around the time they are trying to establish their identity and who they are amongst their peers. So early education and awareness about the dangers and long-term effects of alcohol and drugs is key. Also because youth are greatly influenced by what they see on television and hear in their music, it is as equally important to frequently deliver a message via a marketing campaign encouraging youth not to drink alcohol or use any type of drugs and remind them that doing so is illegal and has consequences.

Sober Youth Inc. in a collaborative effort with The Table Community Foundation, United Way San Joaquin County, The City of Stockton, and the Stockton Unified School District are working to implement a three-day youth alcohol and drug prevention curriculum this coming school year. Along with our prevention class collaboration Sober Youth Inc. will also be launching our Play Sober 24/7 youth pledge campaign.